Impartial & informed assistance delivered with integrity and care.

InteCare NQ is Townsvilles first Townsville based Aged care Placement service.
I service the Greater Townsville region, from Ayr to Ingham and work with elderly people who require permanent residential aged care .

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Taking the emotion and stress out of the move into Residential Aged Care, making it simple and accessible for all.

My mission is to deliver informed, timely and trustworthy service coupled with care and advocacy for elderly clients.

Specialised, independent aged care advice, placement and advocacy for you and your loved ones.

I will facilitate the process of securing comfortable, appropriate residential care. I offer reassurance for clients that they will be spoken to and treated with dignity, all care for confidentiality of information will be guaranteed and placements will be conducted in a timely manner.

My mission is to deliver informed, timely and trustworthy service coupled with care and advocacy for elderly clients.

My name is Sue and I am honoured to write a few comments on a life changing event that has just happened in my family’s life. Helen Turner is the reason for this. We will be forever grateful to her.

Last week our much-loved stepdad of 42 years, John, finally moved into permanent nursing care. He is now safe, happy, comfortable, and settling into his new home.

The sense of total relief is hard to explain. In our minds, Helen has provided the best of care to our precious John.

Helen has organised everything, including the following; 

  • Doing all the necessary paperwork – completing admission forms, Centrelink, liaison with his GP and Anglicare.
  • Ensuring Johns personal paperwork is in order such as Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA,) Advanced Health Directive etc.
  • Facilitating the removal to Glendale of treasured furniture and personal items
  • Organising with Johns property manager to clean his unit and tidy up the lawn.
  • Organising John’s medication.
  • Buying a new phone for John

I am totally blown away by how efficiently and quickly this has all occurred. What seemed to me a huge mountain of uncertainty and stress for John, has been done.

On behalf of my family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts Helen, you’ve done a spectacular job. I would certainly recommend your services to other families, especially families who live far away from their loved one.


Sue and Geoff Worth, Tim and Wendy Hiley & Jan Hiley

Family Members