What I Do

Following the initial contact, I will provide face to face service, meeting with you and your loved ones/support people to listen to your specific needs, including your desired location, any personal, medical, cultural and religious needs as well as answer any of your concerns regarding the financial aspects of this life change. I will help to tailor a placement plan and include any requirements and expectations.
All related costs, fee exemptions, entitlements and thresholds that are involved with living in Residential Aged Care will be highlighted and clearly communicated to you.

If you require auxiliary services to assist with legal/financial matters, family conflict or grief and counselling, recommendations and referrals can be provided.

InteCare NQ liaises with My Aged Care, Centrelink, ACAT, Hospitals, Social workers and facilities on your behalf.

Assistance with all formal requirements and applications is included. I can take care of the necessary documentation, completion and submission of forms and applications to the relevant agencies and organisations as required. Time is taken to ensure that you understand the paperwork being submitted providing clarity and peace of mind.

I will prepare a list of appropriate facilities to suit your preferences and situation and advise on current room availability based on up to date information. Appointments with the homes will be booked for you and I will accompany you on facility tours along with any of your family members/support people.

I will negotiate fees and bonds with your preferred Residential facility and assist with securing  any extra requirements for you.

InteCareNQ will guide you through the admission paperwork with your preferred residential facility and help you to secure extra services as requested. I do not take commission payments from any of the care facilities and will work towards the best outcome for you and your loved ones, and one which you are happy and comfortable with.

An important part of my service is post placement follow up. I will do follow up visits to ensure my clients are comfortable and secure and receiving the best possible care and service.

My mission is to deliver informed, timely and trustworthy service coupled with care and advocacy for elderly clients.